Iron-making Equipment
Iron-making equipment «Azovmash» performs the designing, manufacturing and completed delivery of the equipment for the converter shops with converters having the capacity from 5 to 400 ton. Bell beams The bell beams are intended for the lifting and forced lowering with aid of the electric winch of the large and small bells of the charging appliances for the blast furnace. Pallet car The pallet car is a component of the sintering machine conveyor intended for the charge sintering. Azovmash produces the cars of the different standard sizes. Track pusher The track pusher ТТ-16, is a self-propelled car of the covered type with the remote control and it is intended for the movement of the hot-metal ladle trains. Cast iron desulfurization device The cast iron desulphurization device (УДЧ) in the ladle with capacity of 300 ton is intended for cast iron desulphurization by way of feeding the reagents powder in carrier gas flow. Blast furnace slag car The slag car are intended for receiving the molten slag from the blast furnace and conveying it to the slag dump or to the granulation plant. Transfer car T -70 (ore transfer car) Transfer car is intended for burden materials transportation from the ore yard to the ore storage bins on the trestle of the blast-furnace plant. Scale car Scale car is intended to take the burden materials from ore bin on the trestles of the blast furnace shop and to weight, to transport and unload theirs in the skipes. Hot metal car The hot metal car is designed for transportation of the molten iron from the blast furnace shop to the steelmaking plants. Hot-metal ladles The ladles produced by Azovmash meet the up-to-date requirements to the given type of metallurgical equipment. Processing equipment The machine is designed for opening the iron tapping hole of the blast furnace, as well as for the opening blast furnace taphole runner. Equipment for blast furnaces Сone -less top charging system, bell charging appliances. Charging apparatuses. Atmospheric valve, hot blast valve, gas throttle valve, chimney valve, separator valve, cold blast valve. Bell control winch, etc.