Steelmaking Equipment
Steel ladles The ladles produced by Azovmash meets the up-to-date requirements to the given type metallurgical equipment. The capacities of steel ladles are from 50 to 480t. Jack cars The jack cars are intended for transportation and installation (removal) of the bottoms and other units Jack devices The jack devices feature high reliability, faultless operation and accuracy in installation operations and make it possible during a shift to move an assembled converter with mass of up to 1600 ton over required distance and install it on the foundation. Tongs 15-120 t. Tongs is intended for transportation of the ingots and forgings. The intermediate ladle Constant improvement of the design and manufacture processes made it possible to develop a wide range of highly reliable and durable ladles of various type-sizes. Converters with capacity of 160 - 370 t "Azovmash" executes the designing, manufacture and completed delivery of the equipment for the converter shops with converters from 160 to 370 t. Steel casting machine The steel casting machine is intended for transportation and weighting the steel ladle with 175 t capacity. Sublance for measurement of the smelting parametrs Sublance for measurement of the smelting parameters (for the converter of 300t). Machines for feeding oxygen to converter Azovmash designs and manufactures stationary (single position) and two position machines (with movable or stationary bottom part of the guide) for blowing the hot metal with oxygen from above at the converter steelmaking. Machine for relinig the converters The machine is intended for mechanical operations when performing the relining of converter with solid bottom. Floor-operated transportation facilities «Azovmash» has a wide experience in designing and manufacture, upon Customer’s request, machines separation and transfer of molten metal, and other floor-operated transportation facilities of original designs to meet the requirements of the actual service conditions. Telescopic hoist The telescopic hoist is intended for performing the works connected with detachable bottom converter lining. Machine is installed under the converter on the rail track. The machine is controlled from the pulpit. Srap scoop The scrap charging machines are completed with scoops and special cross-pieces. Ladle furnace The ladle furnace is intended for making the high quality steels with the specified chemical composition and properties for the following casting of the billets as the continuous casting machine or production of the market grade ingots. Electric Furnaces The electric arc furnace with rated capacity from 3 to 10 ton is intended for making the carbon and alloyed steel grades.